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LinkCheckers for Browsers:


Another, more popular tool:

Web of Trust -  Check the reputation rating of your favorite site or some suspicious site. Thousands of users are constantly rating websites for Trustworthiness, Vendor reliability, Privacy and Child Safety. User comments are in these categories:  good, usefool, entertaining, malicious, spyware & adware, adult content, violent etc.

If there is a site offering spyware removal it is always good to check if it is authentic or a scam, phishing site. For example, Xoftspy is Spyware free, but it has bad reputation because of rogue software, so be carefull.

Another example is It has controversial reputation because it promotes software with affiliate relation as "top".

As You can see, this page has green circles around trusted sites, yellow around controversial and red around bad reputed sites. It is a widget from Web of Trust. Webmasters and bloggers can get it here.

Free Internet Security - WOT Web of Trust


McAffe online tools for examining web site reputation:

 McAfee Site Advisor - it is interesting to see the reputation of Site Advisor on Web of Trust. Some users rate it badly because Site Advisor gave green label for Site Advisor: "We tested this site and didn't find any significant problems", but You can see user review summary and website owner comments if You scroll down the Site Advisor rating page. There are many bad comments, contrary to the McAfee green label and website owners comments.

Check Singe URL - more detailed McAfee check up of Mail, Web, and Network reputation. There are different Filters: Smart Filter in a few versions, Web washer, Site Advisor, Web gateway and Web protection service. After you check a site, this tool allows you to suggest an alternative categorization for a site.


More tools: check-url.html