What to do if you get a virus

1. Do not open suspicious folder where the virus may be. Run a scan with a Free antivirus tool if You do not have Antivirus program installed. Download the tool from here, or use an online scanner. If Free tools do not catch the virus then submit a suspicious file here for analysis:

 Virustotal.com - all the best antivirus companies participate in VirusTotal

Additional sites for file analysis if virus total is offline:



hot to remove Spyware manually

Great resources: ca.com/us/technology-security-resources.aspx

Step by step instruction on how to manually remove pests on your computer (for advanced users):

1. Identify the files you wish to delete. (Search all files created recently to find potential pest)

2. Disable the Pest's autostart using MSConfig.

3. Reboot into DOS

4. Delete or rename any files you identified in step 1.

5. Reboot back into Windows

6. Clean up registry entries, win.ini, system.ini, and any other locations which were automatically invoking this file.

7. Run PestPatrol (eTrust AntiSpyware) to ensure that the Pest is gone

If manual removal of files has left you with an error message or two at boot, then there are likely one or more references to the files you just deleted which also need to be cleaned up.

Check your Windows Start-up programs. The path of these programs is:
C:\Documents and Settings\*Your Name Here*\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Also check

Purging information from these areas will remove remaining references from your computer.

Good and bad Antivirus prevention

CA.com  Security Advisor

Symantec: Family Online Safety Guide (pdf)